Dating vintage jewelry

Maintaining and listing jewelry is easier than styling and shooting a human model.Plus, vintage costume jewelry is easy to buy and easy to wear – there’s rarely a “size” required!

While brands like Gems TV offer real silver jewelry at affordable prices, the truth I’ll stand behind is that vintage costume jewelry is the best way to find a piece of top quality jewelry engraved with affordable legacy and a commitment to craftsmanship that lasts.

The history of costume jewelry is an illustrious one.

Many of these designers started with Coro and went on to produce their own lines.

Coro marked jewelry with the designer’s name only in rare instances.

Vintage Some of the nicknames collectors have given stones over time might be more commonly used, but sellers of replacement stones may describe their wares based on what's listed on vintage packaging rather than using these more casual monikers.

In the descriptions below, both names are given where appropriate, or mentioned in the description of those particular stones.

If you’ve discovered a piece of Trifari from the 1940s World War Two era, you may have your hands on a piece of sterling silver.

Reason being, war rations prevented the use of metal so Trifari was forced to use sterling instead, tripling prices of the Trifari products.

The designer, Edmond Mario Granville, would remain with the company until his death in 1969. Monet can be thanked for many technological advancements in jewelry production.

The “friction” ear clip and the “barrel clutch” for pierced ears were invented by Monet.

Look for other vintage jewelry by designers Francois, Gene Verecchio, Oscar Placco, Robert Geissman and Mass Raimond.


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