Dating tips for single mum

Now they know what is expected of them and the benefits of why.Over one of the holidays, I suggested we got a head start.Few minutes before they are about to zoom out the door I remind them to stop and recheck they have everything. If it’s not in the diary (sleepovers, parties etc) it doesn’t happen.

Not because I am a power hungry, neat freak overbearing mother, but because it will ultimately help me. Bedroom tidying – So far I have not found a way to claim the danger money needed to go in there.

Bear in mind though that every child, parent and situation is unique so these are just ideas that I have found to work or are working. Organisation skills – If they are more organised, they and I spend less time getting the simplest things done. Separately they are not that huge a thing but if you’re running a house single handily and have a child that’s whingey, doesn’t tidy their room, unorganised, dawdles and runs a mile at the mere mention of a chore, then you probably have the average child.

Here are a few reasons why you should give us a go!

When there is only one parent to do everything, every bit of help is appreciated.

On weekly bases I, use the carrot trick and ask them to tidy their room whilst I’m making them lunch. Not hungry and not much tidying gets done; starving hungry and they stuff their things anywhere in a rush and risk fainting.

I smile and praise a lot when they do something without being asked.Now I’m not suggesting you have to hire a cook, cleaner and gardener, though very tempting, as that isn’t financially viable.But there are a few things that I am tackling in my children.Or when they go to their dads, dropped of forgotten items needed for the following day.So now my two are older I am tackling this pet peeve too. Forget something and they will be doing swimming in the swimming trunks from lost property (ewe) Forget your belt and you will spend all day holding your trousers up.Using a timer so they knew there was an end, child and I would tackle one box or one cupboard each day.

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