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In all crimes, reports need to be made by those in a position to bring charges.Since we would not be a witness to the crimes, we would not be in a position to press charges.

When they trawled through his phone records and history they contacted other women he had met, three of whom said they had been attacked by him since June 2011. That's how it is." is Britain’s biggest dating site and the second largest in the world, with 92 million members in total.

Lawrance, of Liphook, Hants., denied all the charges and said the sex had been consensual in each case. In 2011 it began screening its members in the US against sex offender databases after it was sued by a woman who was sexually assaulted by a man she met on the site.

After a jury unanimously found Lawrance guilty of five counts of rape, one attempted rape and one attempted sexual assault, Judge Gregory Dickinson QC asked prosecutors: “Is there any form of supervision on the use of dating sites?

I would like to see if lessons can be learned from the use of such sites.” He indicated that he would speak further on the matter when Lawrance is sentenced on Thursday.

He was arrested after a friend of a woman who was raped at her home in Derbyshire in November 2014 went to police.

Detectives then discovered he had been arrested for an attempted rape in Lincolnshire and released without charge in 2013, then linked him to two anonymously reported rapes in Derbyshire and Norfolk.

However, a source at claimed that they were not legally allowed to pass on information about potential rapists to the police because it would breach the privacy rights of the person making the complaint and leave them open to being sued for defamation.

A spokesperson for Match said: “We would like to be able to report crimes to the police, but as things stand our understanding is that UK law makes it defamatory for a third-party like Match to report individuals based on complaints by other users.

It is possible there are others out there.” Internet dating is one of the biggest societal changes of recent years.

More than nine million Britons are reported to have logged onto dating websites looking for a partner and one in five new relationships in Britain reportedly starts online.

Lawrance, who targeted widows and divorcees, used the profile names Keep It Straight Today and Straight Man Looking to stay in touch with dozens of women at a time.


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