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Do I plan to attend synagogue after we are married?

Does my potential spouse plan to attend church or mosque after we are married?

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Does my potential spouse wish to observe any of his or her non-Jewish holidays?

Would my potential spouse wish to have any symbols of another religion in our home?

How does this differ from the atmosphere in my potential spouse's childhood home? What are some of the differences between my parents and my potential spouse's parents? What are the intellectual differences between me and my potential spouse? What are the emotional differences between me and my potential spouse? What are the differences between my interests and the interests of my potential spouse? Have I spoken with my potential spouse about my ideas of how much money we both would like to earn and how much money we would like to spend on a regular basis? What are the major differences between the financial situations of my family, and that of the family of my potential spouse? How will I react if my spouse spends more money than I think is appropriate? How will I react if my spouse does not earn as much money as I wish? What is the barest minimum I would be able to live on?

In what ways do I financially indulge myself right now? In what ways does my potential spouse indulge in excessive spending? How will I react if my spouse turns out to be excessively stingy? Do I think that we would agree on how much to spend on a house? Do I plan to spend large sums of money on furthering my education? Do I plan to spend large sums of money on vacations? Do I enjoy spending large sums of money on clothing? How much of my income do I plan to give to charitable organizations? What arguments have I already had with my potential spouse about monetary matters? What type of neighborhood did I grow up in and how does this differ from the type of neighborhood that my potential spouse grew up in? Do I feel that both a husband and wife should work? Who do I think should make the decisions about spending money? Who does my potential spouse think should make the decisions? Did my parents ever argue about financial matters and if they did, how did I react?

If my family is wealthier than my potential spouse's family, do I think that he might be interested in me because of my money? Consider in what ways my potential spouse might differ with my opinions and habits concerning financial matters.


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