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I was eating my morning Cheerios (Honey Nut, obviously) when I came across something that forced me to spit them out. I have no idea) tweeted a story informing ladies everywhere: "Female Attractiveness Linked To Lower Body Fat," with the addition, "Trending News: Real Men Don't Prefer Curves, Actually." to think that men love curves because they imply that women aren't literally starving (i.e.

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In an article that seems to be 100% obvious, AOL Personals staff writes about a study in which it was found that men find skinny women to be the most attractive.

The bullet points for the study done by Wake Forest University (NC):- Men find thin women to be the most attractive.- Men were also attracted to women who appeared confident.- Men nearly universally found the same women to be attractive vs.

They have the ability to be extra picky about who they write back - which is why you never get replies. Make a separate search that has everything exactly the same as your original search except for one thing - select the next two body sizes up from your original search. Take a look at plus-size model Erin Zerbe's photos at Zerbetron.

If you normally search for Thin/Slender and Athletic, make this search for About Average and Few Extra Pounds.

(Because men who only like super-skinny women are mostly after their "good" health.) Lang writes, "A little extra cushion for the pushin’ may have been ideal a few thousand years ago, but now we recognize that child-bearing hips aren’t worth much if she’s going to keel over from a heart attack a year from now." tell how healthy a person is by looking at her.

I repeat, you cannot tell how healthy a person is by looking at her.Men who don't realize that using a public platform to proclaim the importance of what men as a monolithic whole find attractive -- whether that is "skinny" or "curvy" or any other ideal -- are still placing parameters on which female bodies are acceptable.Redefining "attractive" over and over again from your perspective only stifles how women as a whole are empowered to feel about ourselves. Ask Women what needs to change so that young girls don't grow up knowing their bodies are continually policed.They’d rather try to get/stay skinny by hanging out with skinny, bitchy queens.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.unattractive.- Women asked to rate men's attractiveness had much more varied results. Any overweight woman could have told you that the majority of men prefer skinny women. You can see it in our print media, TV, movies, and in the opinions of the "average" Joe on the street. So women feel that they have to do everything they can to comply to society's standards or risk being unloved for the rest of their lives.

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