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I mean, it's not even about having anything to hide, like 'Oh shoot, I can't tell her my last name because then she might learn about my secret drug charges' or just genuinely strikes me as a weird question. You're pretty open about a lot of things in your profile, so what's the big deal with the name? I guess it kinda explained why she wouldnt meet...least 50 pounds heavier... But also potentially to find out more about your background.

' Hello with your last name she can determine whether you are a nice person or not by a simple back ground check. You may think that silly picture of you drunk or stoned was funny but it could significantly change your life. Personally, I don't need to know your last name until I have met you in person. if I am going to meet you in public during daylight hours anyways and I'm not leaving with you, what difference does it make? if she were interested in mainly your personality & looks, she has no need to go snooping.

Normally rapists, convicted felons or men into child p0rnography aren't "nice people". How is it any different than talking to a stranger in a supermarket? You are on a date you are on that date to get to know EACH OTHER. If you act withdrawn for any question she asks she may just think that you uninterested because you wont open up. she wants to know if it's even worth getting to know you. all she has to do is keep *her* last name private and hit *67 on that phone.

Having a girl ask my last name while we're still in the VERY BEGINNING stages of introduction is definitely weird, along with invasive. For example, talking to someone for a week or two on line and not having met yet.. Doesn't mean you do it wrong or that I do it right..

I can admit I get a little skeeved out when a dude is insistent on knowing my last name. it's just different ways to approach the same thing.

If I'm going to sleep with someone, I want to know their last name.

Rofl if they call me, chances are it show's up on caller ID, so I usually don't have to bother asking.

They understand that to do so is something that puts a woman at ease. Yes, I have googled some of the men before meeting them. I see no reason why she should have to know so early on. but if it's "Joe Blow" then that seems more like a real date! She was going to google you, and I would suggest everyone do it. Dont be so defensive and suspicious if she asks you a question you've never been asked before.

Personally, I feel it is a gentlemanly thing to do. Another thing that puts a woman at ease is meeting in a public place. I assume they do the same when I give them my name. Some guys I met without knowing their last names, other guys told me right away. Personally, I think if a woman asks you your last name when you have only been communicating a week she is being nosy. Certainly she does not need to know if you have a criminal record that early. PLUS - she wants to make sure there is no chance of her becoming "Julia Gulia" I personally like to know only after a few weeks of correspondence and an in-person meeting is set up. Believe it or not what you put on the internet is often found by potiental employers and they all do it. Just because youve never had a girl ask you that question before on a date doesnt mean its wierd.

Those that don't are hiding a wife, a girlfriend or both. Then maybe after a few phone conversations that still raised no red flags, you decide to meet. Slow down and actually get to know someone by getting to know them.

At that point, I feel like it would be appropriate and fitting to know each other's last names. Giving someone my last name hasn't been a big deal to me.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Most guys who ask me this question do so just before or after asking me about my heritage.

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