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The Cosplay Dating Game is similar to the traditional 'Dating Game' of yesteryear TV.

Three bachelors or bachelorettes sit on one side of a curtain.

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These matches might not happen, but you never know what wild matches will be made at Zenkaikon's Cosplay Dating Game!

Who knows, maybe Deadpool will fall in love with The Borg Queen!

Or at least a lot of the ones that make it onto this side of the web anyway and that chances is that they wouldn't be able to speak english so which would make dating them hard (at least over the net). Still, it's the way he put it is kinda creepy (especially as he doesn't appear to be a cosplayer himself, no costumes), and I agree with what's been said.

in general, creepy You do realise that alot of the cosplayers that you see, that are chinese/Japanese, are cute because they are pretty much models?

Applications will open April 1st, 2017 at am and close April 15th, 2017 at pm. In order to apply to be the "prize" in the Cosplay Dating Game, applicants must be pre-registered to attend Zenkaikon 2017, be 15 years of age or over at (for all ages session) or 18 years or older (18 session) at the time of the Convention, and submit an application.

Participants for the "prize" will not be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis, but rather on the quality of the application, quality of cosplay, and the popularity of the character.

While I do my best to post accurate information, and promote safety, there is always misinformation and room for human error.

Last month I recommended PAX in a post and I had several people message me that PAX was not safe for use on skin.

Quote Lulu Rose: You have to be VERY VERY carefull with the idea of a dating section on CI guys........

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