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The company has a mission to help others achieve all of their financial goals.

If you choose to consolidate or refinance your loans with So Fi, you will also receive additional benefits such as unemployment protection, career counseling, and support every day of the week when you need it.

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If you meet these requirements, you might be an excellent candidate for student loan refinancing and consolidation!

If you don’t think you meet the requirements, don’t worry – as you can apply with a cosigner to increase your chances of getting approved for a better student loan.

So Fi does offer student loan refinance programs and the lender has funded over $10 billion in loans to date, has helped its members save over $760 million, and has a total number of 143,500 members.

So Fi boasts flexible and low rates and repayment terms for your student loan consolidation and refinancing.

Most lenders also allow you to refinance and consolidate multiple loans into one, making repayment much more manageable.

In the following sections, we will go over the refinancing and consolidation lenders in the industry and what they offer.

Finding the right bank to refinance or consolidate your student loans is confusing.

Fortunately, we’ve highlighted the six best banks and lenders to help you refinance and consolidate both private and federal student loans, based on your financial situation.

If you took out a loan to pay for college, you are probably paying too much, and could potentially save thousands through refinancing!


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