Clinton portis dating dave salmoni is dating

Portis was also among a group of NFL stars who invested in an Alabama bingo casino that lost the 35 players a combined million when it shut down in 2010.As part of his reported .29million in assets, Portis included an million claim against Pro Sports Financial, which was involved in the casino, as well as a million claim against Jade Private Wealth Management. We still wanna know what was going on with Portis and Nischelle Turner that she gave him half a milli.Portis was a highly-touted draft pick when he came out of University of Miami, and eventually signed a large contract with Washington before his career ended in injury.

He told The Gainesville Sun that his client had been swindled by those who took advantage of him. Portis placed his trust in certain people for financial guidance and he’s been betrayed, so it’s not been due to his negligence or ineffective financial planning.

It’s just been swindlers and the ripple effects that their actions are causing,’ he said.

Documents posted online by Deadspin show that Clinton Portis, 34, who played for the Denver Broncos and with the Washington Redskins over nine seasons, owes more than $1million in mortgage payments, $500,000 to his mother and $500,000 to Entertainment Tonight reporter Nischelle Turner.

Portis became popular among fans for his outspoken personality and tradition of dressing up like different characters he invented, but ultimately quit the NFL after a concussion in 2009 and groin injury in 2010.'Mr.

Let us find out she’s a real life Mary Jane Paul and Portis was playing Cutty Buddy!

Then again, she has been a sideline reporter so maybe they’re just football friends…

Other missed payments include thousands to banks, financial services companies, as well as roughly ,000 owed for a repossessed BMW, ,000 to Audi, ,000 for a Dodge Ram truck and 9 owed to Verizon Wireless.

Clinton Earl Portis (born September 1, 1981) is a former American football running back who played in the National Football League (NFL) for nine seasons.

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino has won a judgment of 7,178 against Portis, according to the court records.


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