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In this context, this course examines the empirical literature on the juvenile justice system, especially as it relates to effective interventions.Special attention is paid to the intersection of what is known about the causes of serious delinquent behavior and how the juvenile justice system responds to those causes.Students will be expected to assess the theoretical background and empirical research relevant to the issue chosen by the professor.

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A major task of the juvenile justice system is responding to various social problems that involve children and adolescents, including abuse, neglect, and violent behavior.

Much public debate surrounds the effectiveness of the juvenile justice system in addressing these concerns and in curtailing the misbehavior of youths.

This course will explore the various approaches to reducing crime and the theories that inform those approaches.

The course aims to provide understanding of the empirical evidence regarding the distribution of crime across offenders, victims, and places/spaces; various theoretical explanations for these patterns, with most emphasis on those theories that form the underpinnings of situational crime prevention; practical techniques for preventing crime using situational approaches, community-based approaches, social developmental approaches, and criminal justice system-based approaches; key issues involved in the implementation of crime prevention strategies, including competency, ethics, and displacement; and key issues involved in the rigorous evaluation of crime prevention strategies.

Special consideration is given to the social and political contexts that have shaped correctional policy and practice in the past and in recent times.

The purpose of the course is to enable students to develop a research-based theory of corrections.

Using the theoretical and methodological skills developed in the program, students undertake an individual research paper.

The paper will focus on a contemporary issue in criminology or criminal justice that will be selected by the supervising professor in his or her area of expertise.

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Many of our graduates pursue careers in research and university settings or assume other leadership roles in the criminal justice system.

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