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  3. Strength of physical/magical attack DP = Defense Power. Save Sub-Menu ----------------- | Sumo HP 19/ 19 | | MP 6/ 6 | | L 1 E 0 | | / 16 | ----------------- | Sumo HP 999/999 | | MP 99/ 99 | | L 99 E 10101 | | / 10102 | ----------------- Description: Sumo = Name of Hero (it can be any name you used) HP = No. = Youll see them as blocks representing each room in a dungeon, or a field in the world map. Status Sub-Menu ------------------ | Sumo Good | | E 0/ 16 | --------- -------- | HP 18 |Stamn 2 | | / 18 |Power 2 | | MP 6 |Wisdm 2 | | / 6 |Will 2 | | AP 6 -------- | DP 6 | 50 GP| ------------------ Description: Sumo = name of Hero Good = condition (it can be any) HP = current / total hit points MP = current / total magic points AP = Attack power DP = Defense power GP = Amount of money on hand E = Experience acquired / Exp. You cannot walkthrough walls, mountains, walk on water (youll be able to navigate the waters in the later parts of the game). If you dont have that much yet, go out and kill as many enemies to reach 500 GP. t tt t ttttt tt t ttttt After hacking the trees, go north one screen. Heres the diagram of the trees that you can hack away. This might get very confusing and even frustrating. Then, youll be automatically taken outside the Mine. Hell tell you that he will forge some armors and sword using the Silver so that you can equip it and be able to enter Gaia. ===== WORLD ===== Now, equip your Battle Axe again and then go right one screen. ===== WORLD ===== From the Dwarf Cave, head north two screens. ===== WORLD ===== Upon leaving Gaia, Bogard will come in and joins you as a NPC.

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