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Buck & Rider seems an attempt to push the LGO group to a higher level of refinement.

Until the food catches up, however, it's a level for which they're not ready.

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Like the room, the plates at Buck & Rider are gorgeous, but a combination of questionable choices and technical glitches renders the standouts few and far between.

The seafood itself is generally of excellent quality, and shines best when served simply atop a bed of ice.

Why the staff thinks anyone would want to eat that way is a mystery.

Sushi rolls, nearly a quarter of the menu, pose a conundrum.

Leia is passionate about building community and creating a welcoming space for her yoga students; but when she's not in the hot room, Leia can be found jogging through the river valley, taking in the sights and sounds of Downtown and Broadway, or enjoying home life with her fiancé and her little black cat, named Pootie Tat. I do Moksha Yoga, I run, I enjoy Crossfit, and I try my best to eat healthy meals and drink in moderation.

I am a lover of wine, and I enjoy a small glass of wine almost every night with my supper.Another track from the Silures EP, "21 Ghosts", was featured on Richard X’s Back to Mine.Lamb continued her creative partnership with Vitalic in 2006 with Bells Linda covered "She Died for Love" in 2004 with Trisomie 21 which was launched in Europe.If there's one thing LGO Hospitality isn't lacking it's customers. Price: - per person, excluding beverage, tax and tip. The swanky new building has an eclectic, contemporary vibe, where crystal chandeliers, geometric pop art and quilted banquettes comfortably cohabit in a vaulted room that's lively without pushing into loud.With runaway successes like La Grande Orange and Chelsea's Kitchen, Bob Lynn's restaurant group makes the work of attracting diners to his Arcadia eateries seem effortless. Though anyone could be plausibly cast as David next to Sam Fox's Goliath, Lynn brings more than a sling and a rock to the fight, having built his business on a carefully balanced formula of stylish build-outs, tight service and crowd-pleasing menus. Stars: 2.5 (out of 5) based on food, service and ambience. An understated and gorgeous pass — little more than an oblong wooden table — leaves the kitchen fully and unashamedly exposed to the dining room, floor to ceiling.Small plates dominate the menu, and while I'm a fan of the format, I'm less enamored of its execution.

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