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Then there’s his co-worker Ivan James making passes at him while they’re on the job.Johnny’s head is spinning with bullshit, so when his ex calls back a second time to bother him some more, Johnny decides he might as well give in, so he heads into the house to find Ivan in order to give him what he’s after.

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Continue reading With their parents gone, step-brothers Johnny Torque and Javier Cruz are tasked with finding something to do with their day, so Johnny suggests they take the quad out for a spin.

After a day of hard riding, Johnny pulls up under a tree to catch his breath.

Johnny is turned on by the idea of someone watching, but it’s really Paul’s beautiful body that has him rearing to go.

Continue reading Johnny Torque has come home from serving his country, and earned a little down time to head home for a short spell, unbeknownst to his boyfriend Paul Canon.

Continue reading What a day for a daydream, and what a day to get fucked in the ass by Johnny Torque’s throbbing, BARE cock!! He’s seen all of Johnny’s films and has yerked his healthy meat to each one, several times.

Brenner’s friend Petey gave him a thick new dildo for Christmas and Brenner’s trying it out while watching his favorite Johnny scene.

Johnny Torque is just trying to get through his work day, but it seems like one thing after another is preventing him from doing so.

First it’s his ex-girlfriend on the line, harrassing him and accusing him of cheating.

Johnny is intrigued, and wants to know more later, but right now all he wants to do his rip Paul’s clothes off and have his way with him.

Continue reading As Johnny Torque and Drake Tyler get dressed for their workout, everything seems normal.

Continue reading As Johnny Torque and his new beau enjoy an evening with friends, his ex-Johnny Riley tries to keep it cool and light, so as not to create an awkward situation.


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