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He said he was on his way home that he had to run across town.What had happened was ups had left a note on the door saying they had tried to deliver a package to him.Then a lightbulb went off in Mike's head that he should bring the ring!

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I got home from work before the sun went down and mike was telling me how high the lake in oroville was and asked me if I'd like to go see it.

I told him that we should stop at Olive Garden and get some soup, pasta and a bottle of wine to watch the sunset.

We've been pretty blessed to be able to share such a close relationship. And the two newest additions to our family, the twins Barrett and Braelynn.

I'm so excited that she found such an amazing husband to share her life with. Without Jenn, I probably would of spent way more money on this wedding of my dreams than necessary.

We have some pretty funny stories about our nights drinking wine and cleaning up Christmas decorations to the nights out at the Tainted Love concerts! I love Leann's laugh, it makes my day when I hear her giggle. Emelie has a big heart and is always over spoiling us on holidays and birthdays!

She is a traveling CNA and absolutely loves her job.

Cassie gets me out of my comfort zone and we go for hikes and girls nights. He's a paramedic so his stories are great to listen to and his videos are pretty funny too. We started skateboarding together and have been getting hurt ever since. I'm honored to have Dan stand up with me on my wedding day. We used to skateboard, surf, snowboard and wakeboard.

I would probably be content staying at home and Netflix-ing, but she is my go-to girl to talk to about anything and everything too! I'm glad he's a part of my family and a part of my wedding day. We always have a great time, whether we are fishing or moving furniture for Bri's family...every time they've moved. We have taken really fun trips and had some great times.

Amanda lives down in the Sacramento area, so I don't see her as often as I'd like to, but I'm so happy that she can be a part of my Wedding day!


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