Bob dating interracial jones university

Each race and each sex should be proud to be what God made it, and none should reproach the other.Does the University believe that those who choose interracial marriage do so out of rebellion against God? It does believe, however, that often the promoters of it do so out of antagonism toward God because they are often the same entities that promote homosexuality, abortion, and other forms of social radicalism.If there is discrimination in the policy, which race is discriminated against? Is Bob Jones University's interracial dating policy the issue, or is its right to hold the policy the issue?

Would we not be embarrassed if they, with their philosophies, spoke well of us? Why has the media for the first time decided to make the candidate a bad guy if he fails to condemn the beliefs with which he differs held by the group to which he is speaking?

The great divide is between our biblical world view and their humanistic world view. If a candidate is expected to do that, would there be anywhere he could go and make a speech?

How do you explain the sudden hatred and bigotry the University is subjected to by the media and the political "three tenors," Mc Cain, Gore, and Bradley, who sing the same off-pitch tune of the liberal left?

Isn't it really a compliment to Bob Jones University that the likes of John Mc Cain, Al Gore, and Bill Bradley seethe and fulminate against us?

Does Bob Jones University look down upon interracially married couples? The warning against interracial marriages is not about the couple, but about the one-world system.

Can those who are already interracially married enter BJU as students? BJU enrolls interracially married couples who wish to be educated here even though we have our dating policy.

Does the present liberal feeding frenzy on Bob Jones University, a Bible-based Christian institution of higher learning with impeccable and respected academic credentials, reveal a bias toward the people of God who stand unapologetically for the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word?

Is it an attempt to marginalize, by caricature, Christians who are out of step with an age that is out of joint? The Supreme Court took it away from us in 1983 with a ruling that said, "First Amendment rights (freedom of religion) must yield in the interest of Federal public policy." This bone-chilling legal conclusion puts every church and religious organization in America in jeopardy.

Bob Jones University's policy regarding interracial dating is more of an opposition to the rebellious and defiant antichrist spirit of the promoters of one-worldism than to interracial dating itself.

Many who date and marry interracially are just as opposed to one-worldism and the spirit of Antichrist as we are.

Racism and hatred are not part of our institutional character. Instead of exulting in the freshness and academic importance of the school, they have magnified something that we don't magnify and never discuss. Is Bob Jones University guilty of racism because it has a rule restricting interracial dating?

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