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I am bi an have not told any of my friends but my best. I've dated two girls durin that time and am lookin for friends or somethin more I don't know. just came out this weekend and looking for bi/gay friends. Other than that I'm looking for someone or just someone to talk to you know :) well if you wanna talk you should kik me!!! Do not forget the period cause if you do You most likely won't find me otay so ya Hey :) I'm kinda in the closet but no one knows I'm bi this is the first time I'm admitting it in a public forum. All my family and friends are hardcore Christians, so I have no one to talk to. I am really hoping for a fun, loving, and meaningful relatinship that will last. Up until now I've always been with guys but have casually glanced at girls. There are these 2 girls, 1 in real life and this girl on kik and idk what to about them. Even though my friend who I'm not really close to watches glee and now wants to have a "gay come out of the closet towards her just so she can have a gay/les friend it annoys me that she would treat me any differently or value me any more if I was bi. I'm a girl btw Well hi I'm 13 and I'm bi I'm looking for a realationship I live in Michigan but I don't care if is long distance you can snapchat or kik me at ~ yajaira_rico both girl or boy but I prefer a girl I just found out I was bi this year Hey I'm bi an I'm still remain in the closet but I'm more interested in guys but I still find some girls attractive but I recently have been looking for another teen to make feel like someone cares for me.

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tall I have long black hair past my bum ware heels that make me 5f3 . if you want my number message me :) only 13-14 pleasehey im new to this website i have been bi for sometime now. 775-379-3969ages 13-16 please Im 14 bi girl looking for a gf. Also I live in Ohio Im 14 bi girl looking for a gf. Also I live in Ohio Hiii :) no one knows I'm bi except for you guys now... oh yeah i live in America, and proud of it :)Im a 14 year old bi girl, if you texted me before and I said I had a gf. You can text me at 419-604-2644, I want someone who will be honest with mei need someone I can care for and someone who can care for me i'm a 15 year old bi girl about 5'3, thick, brown hair, mixed with mostly indian but im black, white, indian, and native American if interested add me on gmail at [email protected] I'm 13 bout to be 14 but kik me at karliloudermilk17 um yeah. : D )erm i don't relly know what to say im bi male from england wolverhampton and i just want to get to know others like me really seeing as i don't really have any 1 like me that i know of im also always hear for anybody that needs to talk if u do wana talk or are just from the local area then email me at [email protected] so ye biim just experimenting but im a guy in snellville ga. ive never done this before but would like to try it. im ready to try anything if you email me i will also tell you my here to help with troubled relationship or people who are confused about what sex they like if you need help just email me [email protected] ill help you the best way i can and if you need a friend im always here I'm bi girl, 16, living in IL. I forget to add that Snap chat takes a lot of my memory away and I literally just delted it but send me a message or email if you to snap chat me. I'm looking for a girl I would be proud to call mine and love with all my heart and who preferably lives near Surrey. I'm kinda shy but I'm really fun when u get to know me..... Im into girls with long hair who are pretty and nice.

size 6 im dark skinned half chines half arrab I live in London go to a all girls school im 15 my skin coller is mid dark been told lok like selleena gomaz I have a un.naturell big but some times I stay at school for 2 to 3 months I bored thir thir lots of girls in my sckool but don't now whos bi cos no body talks about it I have kiss 3 girls so fare whos 13 n 15 n 18 I go to visit a women I meet in buss stop I just meet to chat and i can smoke in her house I have gone as fare as kiss her 1s so fare it felt weird we ware kissing for 10 mins than I think I orasamed I ran out house and to ashamed to go back but wont to try it again never been with a girl or boy yet any girls or boys tex me I got pics and will chat to any 1 or any age 07787342805 im in London uk xxxxxxxxxhey paul i am a good listener so if you want to give me your number i could txt you. looking for an honest and cute girl to call mine im very loving im 15 and a girl my email is [email protected] m sometime ;) 15-17My names Erica, I'm 16 and came out the closet 2 years ago. :) My fav band is Black Veil Brides and i love TURTLES! But I'm trying to work up the courage to tell my friend. i cant tell my mom dad or brother because they are hardcore Christians. just looking for someone to talk to, guy or girl, an online relationship. Or if you just wanna talk then my Kik is: Wolfie49 but I'm looking for a girl around 13-14:)I was thinkin that i was gay or bi for a long time but yesterday i met this boy his names antonio and he came out that hes bi and i know i cant have him but if anyone wants to text me my phones 9195865659Heyyy I'm 14 Iive in aburndale florida and I'm looking for a fun and loving relationship.. [email protected] I am a 17 year old bi teen and I am looking for a gf who will be there for me and accept me for who I am. My name is Kat, I'm not fully sure if I'm bi but I'm completely willing to explore my options. I'm confused and don't know how to deal with this.-AKIm mackezie and i go to a catholic school and being bi isn't something I'm particularly friendly toward.

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Her dad took her phone away and broke it so she wouldn't have one to text me off of. Hey :) I'm bi and i'm 13 but if i'm honest it's been so long since i kissed a girl i'm doubting my sexuality(again) so i was looking for someone to chat too because i'm still dating a guy but a girl or guy to talk to and you know just be comfortable with would be nice so please someone reply :)hai, first time on this im 14 and very in the closet i would love a gf that's chubby (like me) and that's sweet and maybe looking to have a future??? I love every little thing about her and I would do everything in my power for her, but she will never like me!!!

But i started writing her notes and i guess her parents found out. What do I do I'm confused and in live Well I found out I'm bi... I am a very extraverted person and love to dance and have a good time!

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i plan to do so soon but im worried about their reaction :/ would really love a proper relationship with another girl who knows exctly how i feel and loves me for who i am Hey I'm a 16 yr old female bisexual and this is my first time trying this really, and i just want a girlfriend that's going to be there for me and someone i can hold in my hands and support.

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