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So a couple of Weeks ago found myself staying near Newcastle (England)and I have 1 of my Sister in laws lives there Ok bit of background I did manage to shag her before twice but that was before I married her Sister from then nada anyway if I am passing though etc she lets me stop for something to eat /shower etc good for her as her B/F lives back in (N I) so she gets lonely at times and if she not there I have key to get in just leave a note to say it was Me there.

So i made my way to her apartment and it looked like she was'nt in so I let myself in and after sticking on the Kettle went to the Bathroom to use the toilet but as I was in there i could hear these noises coming from Her Bedroom and figured either her fela was over for few days or she never got her so called Powersex days out of her system and had another fella in with her.

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My Job is as a HGV/LGV Driver and from monday morning till friday night ( got myself 2 weeks Hoildays at the moment Happy Days)stay in the cab in the Business we are known as Trampers. well not knowing what town/city you might be in each night throws up a few surprises and yes I may be happily married but if I can pick up a wee Skank for the night or the odd Hooker so be it Wife knows and has a policy don't ask won't get hurt.

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