Very young pt cam - Bath countertop updating

It was pretty nasty too from years of damage and no amount of elbow grease was making it look better. When we leave, it will need to possibly go back to its former yellow glory – It was a pretty straight forward project.Step 1 – Wipe down and clean the entire countertop with your choice of cleaner and do a final wipe down with rubbing alcohol.We searched high and low for an affordable butcher block dealer in our area, but by far the best option was the LAGAN countertop from IKEA.

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Step 2 – Measure and cut out the length of contact paper you need.

If the width is not enough, don’t worry, you can later overlap and cover the remaining area.

We wasted no time getting back to work on our master bath once I returned from Ikea this weekend.

I picked up a new countertop, sink, and faucet while we were there, so it was time for “out with the old, in with the new.” First up, removing handles and emptying the vanity. Buh-bye child safety locks that have been on our drawers since 1986. Mental note: Once this bathroom is done, nothing goes back under the sink unless absolutely necessary.

I first tried cutting flaps to cover the edge around the sink but ultimately found it easier to simply cut a long strip separately and attach to the inside edge. We have had them for almost a month and since it is in the kids bathroom they see a lot of “spills”. They have even been wiped down with cleaning sprays and still look like they did the first day.

Oh I wish I had know about this in my past rentals! They also have contact paper available in granite and a whole bunch of colors!

Step 3 – Slowly peel the backing little by little with one hand and smooth out the bubbles with the credit card as you go.

If there is too much air trapped you can always lift the contact paper back up and smooth it again.

The best part is everything is temporary and removable – even this towel shelf and hook!


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