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This could be if: You should give us as much information and supporting evidence as possible.We will look at all the circumstances during the time you delayed making a claim and will decide if the delay was reasonable enough to allow backdating. We can automatically backdate your Housing Benefit for up to three months if you are of pension age.

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It does not have to be the same reason throughout the period.

These are some of the reasons that could be used to show “good cause” This isn't a full list, just a list of the commonest types of reasons.

However, unlike pension age claims, you must show that you had good reason (referred to as “good cause” in the relevant regulations) for not claiming earlier.

It is up to you to show that you had good cause throughout the whole period you are asking for backdating for.

You can see the date you reach this qualifying age on the Government's website.

Look for the date you may be entitled to receive Pension Credit from, not the date you reach State Pension age.

If you have reached state pension credit age we may be able to treat your claim as if you had made a claim three months earlier Special rules apply to men who have reached state pension credit age but have not reached state pension age.

If they or their partner receive income support or income based job seekers allowance they are treated under the working age rules above.

If you do need us to backdate your benefit, the rules about when we can backdate are different for different groups of people.

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