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So I tucked into a group of chatty Asian boys a few feet away.

From there, we watched the rainbow-soaked show, complete with politicians waving flags, floats thumping with techno beats, and performers of all types.

The weather gods rolled out a beautiful day for the extravaganza.

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I’ve tried it a few times (believe me, I feel pretty elitist even admitting that) and for me it takes like a mix of moldy lunch meat, mothballs and Elmer’s Paste.

And how it’s made – force-feeding poor geese and ducks to fatten up their livers – is just as vile.

Celebs included comedian Sarah Silverman and star Dot Jones, whose presence sent the crowd into appropriately gleeful shrieks.

My favorite costumes were these incredibly colorful balloon thingies that looked like giant sea anenomes.

And when my patriotic-but-digitally-deficient dad’s mangled response hit my screen — I could just picture him wrangling with the touchpad (“What in ? And here’s how to take a snappy screenshot of your i Phone like the one below: Press the power button on the top of the phone and the menu button on the bottom at the same time. All those texting mistakes are captured so the rest of the world can laugh, too.) I come from a family of proud pyromaniacs.

”) and how to just send the *&^%$#@ thing — I couldn’t stop laughing, especially the “score you” part (though it’s obviously one of several auto correct mistakes). As a kid, my mom burned down her toy teepee by starting a fire inside, while my dad waged bottle rocket wars with his buddies.

Of those, it represents one, maybe two, menu items.

Beyond that, the 98 percent or so of people who have never even tried the so-called delicacy are stuffing their faces with food from factories where the atrocities committed on animals make foie gras production look like that haven’t banned it.

(Yes, I’m already getting inspired for Halloween.) Though the whole scene was a bit less dramatic and flamboyant than I expected (I’m still surprised I saw not a single saggy, old-man ass), the whole mood was delightfully, and deservedly, joyous.


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