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Thanks, Marion Thank you Marion, I want to do round an amount value if this value not is many times the package size - automatically - after the user accept the row and before I send the row to server. Edit Item Template's editor, you can get its reference via ASPx Grid View. Cancel = true; Hello Hermann, Can you please describe your scenario in greater detail?Regards Hermann Hello Hermann, If you are using the built-in Edit Form's editors, it is possible to retrieve entered values via the e. After that, modify an entered value in a required manner (for instance, round the amount value), and set the modified value back to the e. Find Edit Row Cell Template Control and retrieve its value (if a custom Edit Form Template is used, you should get a reference to the editor via ASPx Grid View. In particular, why is it necessary to change entered values on the server side and cancel inserting / editing?EDIT: I found a piece of code in the comments of this blog: I'm not sure for I haven't tried but the statement says you need to use the Data Source ID property in binding with the Grid View.

Please clarify why you want to accomplish this task. Have I to something else to accept the new values ?

It is possible that we can suggest appropriate an solution for your scenario. Thanks oh sorry, I've readed that is not possible in Row Validating. in Row Inserting this new value is not shown in the gridview row when I stop the insert process by setting e.

The stored proc is actually a crosstab/piviot generator, and I am stuck with using this because of the format of the data. I get the Retailer from the drop down list on the page, I get the Product number by using the key which I set manually (this is always column 1). ecbruck , Thanks for the idea, When I tried it as posted, I get this error: Exception Details: System. Text to find the input data and manually assign it to e.

Argument Out Of Range Exception: Index was out of range. Please dont get frustrated, I know we are close, i just need to get the new values and I am up and running. New Values Regards Hi Allen, Thank you for looking at this, I have tried using the controls(0), and the answer is still the original value and not the new value. What I wanted to do was to loop through the new values within the Row Updating code and execute an update sql command 5 times (recursively).

If not I'll try the suggestion below =) I was doing databinding in my Page_Load event and when I clicked "Update" the Post Back was done, so was the Page_Load event fired.

Grid View was filled with the old values again, so in my Grid.

We'll research it, and do our best to find a solution. Hello David, Thank you for informing us of your results.

When you bind the ASPx Grid View control explicitely in the Page_Init event handler, these changes are reflected on loading the control's Post Data.

I have a gridview that is created from a stored procedure.

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