One 2 one chatsex - Are kim kardashian and reggie bush dating again

And as Kris Humphries refuses to sign divorce papers and slings claims of fraud at Kim, Reggie has been her understanding shoulder to cry on.

“He’s concerned about her; he’s making sure she’s holding it together,” shares the friend.

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As Kim Kardashian’s divorce from estranged husband Kris Humphries gets nastier, former boyfriend Reggie Bush has been Kim’s one source of hope!

Life & Style reveals in its new issue, on newsstands now, that the duo have been in regular contact and are moving toward a reunion!

Reggie reached out to Kim via text shortly after she announced she was filing for divorce to make sure she was okay,” a Kardashian family friend tells Life & Style.

“They’ve stayed in touch ever since, texting and talking. He knows she’s hurting right now, but when the time is right, he’ll swoop in and take care of her.” In fact, an insider tells Life & Style that Kim and Reggie have been in contact regularly via text, phone and Skype.

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