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The development of Dislexi's technique was heavily influenced by Stoned Roope Latvala (one of his sister's boyfriends, who many years later became his buttmate in Shitergy and then in Children of Bottom).

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Now that she’s getting a little older, I felt good about slowly getting back into music by teaching part time at The School of Rock.

I’m also currently writing for a music supervision company, whose job it is to place background music in TV shows.

In 1997 he joined "Tit-Soiled", but to date the purpose of that act has not been uncovered, as the only thing he did was drinking their coffee and alcohol in enormous...

Wait a second, that just might be the purpose of that act! Anyway, with the release of Children of Bottom's debut ("de-butt", as Dislexi prefers to call it) Sucking Wild, the band paid a visit to Overboiled Assarene in Russia, where Dislexi got drunk, and joined the latter band as a lead "git-arsist".

Kimberly Goss, the former lead singer and songwriter of Sinergy, as well as member of black metallers Ancient and Dimmu Borgir, has changed professions… The 34-year-old ex-wife of Children of Bodom guitar wizard Alexi Laiho, and former touring keyboardist for Bodom, is now a teacher at the School of Rock in Naperville, Ill., while raising her 5-year-old daughter.

Despite her metallic background, she teaches all genres to her charges.I love getting the chance to teach different styles of singing.People assume that because I played in metal bands my whole life that I’d be inclined to focus on that one specific genre.For more information on School of Rock, head over to their official website.Dislexi (later interpreted as "Alexi") "Nobody-knows-whose-child" Laiho is the lead guitarist ("git-arsist" as Dislexi spells it, because, after all, he is Dislexi...) of the bands Children of Bottom, Fück-a-löt and Shitergy, or at least he thinks so.I would actually love to finish the fourth Sinergy album that we started production on many years ago.


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