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Even as a child, while others were reading "Pat The Bunny" I was reading "Will Heavy Petting Ruin My Reputation?" Ann Landers answered urgent questions I didn't even know I had.One of my recent favorites was Amy's answer to a woman who, after a calamitous divorce, wanted to know what she might expect when meeting the "happily married" old boyfriend who got back in touch as soon as he heard she was single. So let me take a pass at yours: He: 'I'm miserable. I think about you all the time.' You: 'Check, please.' And … When asked by a woman still having an affair with a colleague a few weeks before his wedding whether she was the "right" woman or the "other" woman, E.

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"Never marry a man who uses a tea bag twice" is a great piece of advice.

Except for those with a deep fondness for weak tea, cheap dates or promiscuous recycling, it's both indisputable and timeless.

if he had any respect for you or his family or even his future family with you.... if he is not happy in his marriage then he needs to end that first, before building into another entire relationship.

At least then it will better and with better chance to success. you need to decide if you can live the rest of your life being a homewrecker.

Jean Carroll, the diamond-sharp pen behind the "Ask E. "Never back up an inch more than you have to" Jack Sheedy was advised during a driving lesson, but he's applied those words to everything else.

Lori Aldape swears that "if someone has to have an answer right now, then the answer is no." I tell young couples, if I'm asked whether they should wear rings, what I was told by a lecturer at Cambridge: "Wedding rings are like bicycle clips: they're there to keep your pants in place."My older brother once reminded me: "You can always stop what you're doing." I'm taking his advice right now.

But, the truth of the matter is, I need to value me an my wants before theirs.

This man says he loves me and wants to build a future with me but the vision of the future I have is not with someone else's children coming in and out of my home.

She addressed extravagantly personal topics I didn't even know existed.

In terms of predicting the future, she was way better than horoscopes. 4, 1979, a letter discussing the vulnerability of young women to seduction insisted that, "Empty promises and sweet talk are the most effective tools of destruction." A friend mailed me the clipping; I was living in London.

I knew it was wrong,so I had to make the best choice for me.

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