creationism vs evolution carbon dating - Accommodating multiculturalism and biculturalism in aotearoanew zealand

In this paper I discuss how multicultural art education could be strengthened within the existing bicultural framework.

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In particular, the past, present, and future of the nation's foundational document, the Treaty of Waitangi, signed between the first nations and the British Crown in 1840, has dominated popular debate and official policy in recent decades.

Other ethno-cultural and politico-constitutional relationships, including those between Maori and significant immigrant populations from countries within the Pacific region (Pasifika peoples), have received scant attention.

” Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, but the following points might help to open minds, particularly the minds of those who haven’t had the opportunity to see the issue from another perspective before.

1 New Zealand is home base for Māori We do have people from all cultures living here but New Zealand is the only ‘home base’ for Māori.

ABSTRACT: This article reports on the findings of a study, ' East meets West: Asian students' perspectives on art education in New Zealand', which sought the views of twenty pre-service art teachers of Asian ethnicity who trained to be secondary school teachers between 20.

The findings highlight a disparity between the increasingly multicultural student population in secondary schools, including those of Asian ethnicity, and the current emphasis on a bicultural approach to art education.

If the language and culture aren’t given special status here in Aotearoa New Zealand, the simple fact is that in today’s Western-oriented, English-language dominated world, they will struggle to survive.

We know already it only takes one generation to lose a language but three generations to reclaim it.

The student population has become progressively diverse, particularly in my professional location, Auckland, a city in which 40% of secondary schools are classified as multicultural (Education Review Office, 2000; Ministry of Education, 2008; Statistics New Zealand, 2006).

However, multicultural art education in New Zealand secondary schools is complicated by this nation's position on biculturalism, a commitment founded in its postcolonial history (Hill, 2004, 2010; May, 2002; Salmond, 1991).

The research was located in New Zealand, an increasingly multicultural nation in the Asia Pacific region.


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